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ARTISAN WOOD-FIRED BEADS: These unique artisan beads found their way into a kiln that uses the ancient method of creating pottery. Rather than using electricity or gas (a convenience that we enjoy today) wood firing is a labor intensive process using wood. Depending on the size of the kiln, the process can take anywhere from 12 hours to days stoking the kiln around the clock. Since we have a wood fire kiln on our premises in Homer, NY, I am able to get my tiny wood fire beads fired amongst the larger pieces that are typical of a wood-firing. My husband Bill Perrine of Split Fire Pottery is a wood-fire potter. Handmade ceramic wood-fire beads are in a category all of their own.

handmade ceramic wood fire beads



The handcrafted artisan ceramic beads seen here are formed from high fire stoneware clay to sustain heat up to 2400 degrees F and fired using an ageless method of firing that existed before electricity or gas.  Wood fire ceramic beads are a rare find. Just try a search on Google to see how few real woodfire beads there are out there! These wood-fire beads are created without molds.

ash melted into glaze

beautiful wood fired beads with just the right amount of ash melted into the glaze

nugget shaped

tubular shino glazed ceramic beads

Light ash deposit

round shno

ash and glaze blend

perfectly blended ash and glaze

flattened tubes

long tubular with shino glaze

large hole rustic

large hole two glaze

striped two glazes

shino and ash glaze

ash yellow glaze

hand formed yellow ash glaze

small ash glaze nuggets

small nugget with yellow ash

large nuggets

rustic yellow ash glaze

ash melted on ash glaze

small pendant beads

turquoise and ash

small round turquoise wood-fire

variety of wood-fired cone 6

beads loaded in the secret chamber in the back of the wood fire kiln

NOTE: As stated above, getting glazed beads in a wood-fire kiln is a rare experience which means that these are unlike any beads out there. Handmade ceramic wood-fire beads are incredibly durable and will add a unique look to your handmade jewelry designs. To learn more about wood-fire, check out

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