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ARTISAN BRACELETS: Using my handmade enamel beads, handmade ceramic beads, copper tubes and copper wire. each piece is unique. The color is achieved using a patina to darken the copper. Please visit my handmade bead pages to learn a little about the crafting that goes into them. All of my handmade artisan beads and jewelry have been handcrafted using quality materials from my home in Homer, NY.

handmade artisan bracelets


bracelet website 1d

wood fire bead bracelet with handmade clasp

wood-fire bead bracelet with hand crafted clasp

two glaze wood-fire bead bracelet with handmade clasp

wood-fire bead, copper tube bracelet with handmade clasp

assorted porcelain bead bracelet with handmade clasp

copper enameled bead bracelet with handmade copper clasp

handmade porcelain ceramic bead, wood fire bead bracelets

handmade porcelain ceramic bead bracelets

handmade clasps on handmade bracelets

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