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ARTISAN HANDMADE CERAMIC BEADS: When creating handmade ceramic beads, an artisan bead, I start by using a mid fire clay. Pottery clay typically falls into three categories: high fire, mid fire and low fire. I started creating my own ceramic beads in 2008 using a low fire clay. Although that offered a variety of options in terms of bright colors, I found that chipping around the hole of the ceramic bead happened too often. I graduated to a mid fire clay for most of my porcelain and stoneware beads. I have included a sampling of my  pottery beads. Check out my Etsy shop for the most recent listings.

handmade ceramic beads



At my shop Artisan Beads Plus, you will find all quality one-of-a-kind beads and jewelry. The handcrafted ceramic beads seen here are formed from porcelain clay or stoneware clay and fired twice in an electric kiln up to 2200 degrees fahrenheit. My handmade artisan pottery beads are incredibly durable and will add a unique look to your handmade jewelry. 

textured round

textured blue round

two glaze textured

two glaze textured disc shaped

two blue glazed discs

disc shaped two glazes

large hole blue

large hole ceramic blue

green and white glazed

two glaze round small

textured nugget

textured green

matte finished

matte finish nuggets

crawl glaze

green crawl glaze

cube beads

brown cubes

two glaze brown

shino and brown glazes

two glazes

individually textured

textured discs

textured handmade disc

peach and white

two glaze tubular

yellow shino

two glazes brown and shino

crawl glaze

black and gray crawl glaze

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