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ARTISAN CERAMIC BEAD AND ENAMEL NECKLACES: The artisan copper enamel bead and handmade ceramic bead necklaces shown here have been created by me (MaryAnn Carroll). No two necklaces will ever be the same as each component is also individual created. Wearing artisan necklaces and jewelry gives you a connection to the artist who created the piece. All of the beads and components are from quality materials that are durable and will last. The copper color is achieved using a patina to darken the copper. All of my handmade artisan beads and jewelry have been handcrafted using quality materials. 

handmade artisan necklaces


enameled copper tubes and discs attached to copper tube links

wood-fired ceramic beads with copper tube links

handmade porcelain ceramic beads with copper tubes as separators

handmade ceramic beads with crawl glaze, enameled beads, copper

handmade ceramic beads with crawl glaze

handmade ceramic beads with crawl glaze connected to hammered copper tube

hand-cut enameled pendant, enameled copper tubes and discs

porcelain ceramic beads, hammered copper wire (seen in Belle Armoire Magazine)

wood-fired ceramic beads, hammered copper enameled tubes

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