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HANDMADE ARTISAN CERAMIC BUTTONS: Similar to the process that I use when creating beads, I start with a mid fire clay to create buttons. Each bead is formed and fired twice up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The unique artisan handmade ceramic buttons shown in the gallery below have been individually crafted. Handmade ceramic buttons such as these will surely make your fiber art whether is be sewing, knitting, crocheting or other types of art most interesting. Try incorporating durable artisan buttons such as these in your designs. You will not be disappointed.

handmade ceramic buttons



As you can see when viewing these ceramic buttons, no two styles are exactly alike. Creative jewelry designers also use ceramic buttons in their crafting.  I use a variety of textures as well as forming only by hand. 

handmade textured large ceramic buttons

handmade large porcelain blue ceramic buttons

two glaze large handmade ceramic buttons

two textures light blue ceramic buttons

large handmade ceramic buttons with large holes

two glaze textured ceramic buttons

small rustic earth tones handmade ceramic buttons

small brown glazed ceramic buttons

multiple glazes textured handmade ceramic buttons

brown crawl glaze large ceramic buttons

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