ARTISAN HANDMADE ENAMEL TUBES AND BEADS: Using MAPP gas which is a high fire gas, each bead or handmade copper enameled tube is fired multiple times. My artisan enameled beads were created using the torch-fired method. I only buy quality genuine copper. I have experimented with many types of copper that I have purchased online and in person to find that not all beads or copper tubing enamel the same way. Many of my copper enameled beads and tubes were fired with multiple colors to achieve a unique look.



Quality copper equals quality enameled beads. The artisan enamel tubes and beads were created using the torch-fire method of enameling. I only use quality materials when enameling beads or tubes. The enameled hand cut tube beads and pendants were cut from copper sheet metal or copper tubes. Each was sanded thoroughly and enameled 80 with grit enamel for the unique look that you see below. Torch fired enamel beads add a unique look to your artisan jewelry design.

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